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Macbeth Essay

Mr. BG
January 20, 2012
A – Block
Macbeth Essay:

1. A) “So foul and fair a day I have not seen.” – Macbeth (1.3.39)

B) The witches’ prophecy that Macbeth would be king one day has made Macbeth ambitious for this prophecy to become true but lacks the confidence.  He tells Lady Macbeth about this and she realizes he doubts himself and that she must take power over Macbeth. The only way for him to become king is to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth is not the woman she appears to be, she is very evil and because she will do anything to get what she wants. She intimidates Macbeth to kill Duncan because she knows he really wants this but lacks the confidence in doing so and because she loves him so she pushes him to achieve his goal, so he can become king. This quote in particular resembles that things are not always what they seem because Macbeth secretly was a bad person.

C) As we first see in the movie, the lighting is very dark and giving a low key light so that there is a suspicion in the air. The low angle makes Macbeth seem very threatening to Banquo and the audience. The camera was zoomed out so that it gave the characters a chance to walk forward down the hallway which would make the movement be a tilt. The ways that the camera was zoomed out the viewers were able to see where exactly the characters were going to be showing their next move. The characters went from being in the elevator to being in the hallway where they spoke of these words and that would have been an establishing shot because it moved between two locations. Last but not least, Long shot was used to create the sense of intimidation because it showed their full body and the movements they made.

D) I thought that Macbeth was very power hungry but afraid to make a move in the beginning of the play. As the play progressed, he overcame those fears by helping to plot the murders. When he became king, he started to see the ghosts of the people that he had killed. In the end he regretted how he got there because he kept feeling some sort of guilt throughout the whole play. In the film, I thought that he was a very strong character who knew what was right from wrong. He seemed as though he knew how to stand his ground but was manipulated by his wife, who made him second guess himself. This was shown throughout the movie as each murder was occurring.

2. A) “I have given suck, and know How tender ’tis to love the babe that milks me. I would, while it was smiling in my face, have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums, and dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as you. Have done to this.” –Lady Macbeth (1.7.54-59)

B) When Macbeth decides that he cannot go through with the plan to kill Duncan, Lady Macbeth is right there to tell him how weak he is for saying one thing and not following through with it. Within this quote, Lady Macbeth is actually stating that she could kill her own child if she had to for power without any remorse. This would fall under the category of Power Corrupts because Lady Macbeth is becoming very power hungry.  She will have anyone that stands in her way murdered and not have any regrets about doing so. This shows how someone of her stature can change when power is involved.

C) The first scene that we see involving this quote shows Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in a two shot frame because they are having a conversation. When Lady Macbeth gets aggravated, the camera tends to focus on a close-up of her so that she looks powerful. The frames with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are shot verse shot because while they are having a conversation the camera switches from Lady Macbeth back to Macbeth. The camera angle was low because the director wanted to make Lady Macbeth seem very strong and threatening to Macbeth and the audience. The lighting was very bright so this resembled high key because the scene was flooded with light. Since the scene was in the kitchen, the lighting fit the background of where they were having their conversation.

D) Lady Macbeth is a very manipulated woman who is extremely driven. She is proving to Macbeth that if she is willing to kill her own, then Macbeth should be able to also. Lady Macbeth did not see eye to eye about plotting to kill in order to get the crown which made Lady Macbeth disappointed in Macbeth and she therefore made fun of him and questioned his manhood. She put it in her perspective as being a woman and if she was capable of doing this, then why wasn’t he able to. After viewing the film, I saw that he was just a man as she was a woman and they were both very strong willed.

3. A) “Be bloody, bold, and resolute. Laugh to scorn, the power of man, for none of woman born, Shall harm Macbeth.” – Second Apparition (4.1.86)

B) Macbeth is told by the witches that no harm will come to those born of woman, by them telling him this he has let his guard down. He feels that no one will be able to hurt him and that he can conquer all. When being visited by these witches, he starts to feel guilty of all the murders that he has committed. This resembles the theme superstition affects human behavior because the witches like to mess with Macbeths head and tell him things that make him feel that he is indestructible.  

C) We follow Macbeth to a morgue room where the witches are saying spells around bodies of unmanned characters. A shot -reverse -shot was used to create a connection between the witches, the bodies, and Macbeth.  An eye- level shot was used to focus on the facial expressions of the characters speaking. Another camera angle called the high angle was used to visually show how the characters were portrayed throughout the scene. I think that both the non-diegetic and diegetic sounds were incorporated in this scene because of the rustling of the body bags and the music playing in the background when he entered the room.   

D) The witches were dramatic throughout the whole play but, their predictions were correct.  They made Macbeth feel that he could gain the crown with no repercussions or consequences.  In the end of the play, reality caught up to him and made him realize how he should have thought twice about what he did in order to achieve his goals. In seeing it in the film, I noticed that not much had varied because he was still very believing in the witches and their prophecies.

4. A) “The thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now?—what, will these hands ne'er be clean?—No more o' that, my lord, no more o' that. You mar all with this starting.” – Lady Macbeth (5.1.30-36)

B) The murders that she had committed began to psychologically impact Lady Macbeth when she constantly felt the need to wash her hands clean of the blood, even though actual blood was not on her hands. Lady Macbeth who was so resilient and sure of committing the murders in the beginning of the play was starting to break her down physically and emotionally. This quote fits under blind ambition leads to ones downfall because when Lady Macbeth is not aware of talking she tells things she shouldn’t and this leads to her downfall. It is as though she is trying to wash her hands of the blood and the crimes that she has encountered throughout this whole play.  

C) The lighting in this scene was low key because it was a very dramatic and the scene was flooded with shadows. A shot reverse shot was also used in this scene because it went from Lady Macbeth to the gentlewoman and the doctor talking back and forth.  Low angle was used to create a threatening affect that made Lady Macbeth seem possessed with paranoia. There were a lot of shots in this scene because the focus was on her instead of anyone else. An extreme close-up was used to focus on her washing her hands clean of the blood. A flashback was also incorporated in this scene because once she turned the water on; the water was red as if it were blood. This relates back to when she helped to kill King Duncan and the guards.

D) Lady Macbeth is very dramatic and in this scene in particular, she has a mental break down that shows her vulnerable side. She is not aware of what is going and what she is saying that it leads to her downfall. It is ironic that Lady Macbeth would mentally collapse seeing as she was the one who urged Macbeth to murder in order to become king. In the film, this was shown very thoroughly because she was very demanding in her orders and very prompt to make commitments to what needed to be done.

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Oedipus Essay Test

Oedipus & Antigone:

1. I believe in fate more than free will because I think that there is a higher power such as god who already has a plan for each individual. I don’t think we can alter our fate or someone else’s fate because we all have already had our lives planned out. I think that we are all born with a plan and it is what we chose to do after we are born and before we die that helps make our pre- determined plans come true.  I think that sometimes our fate may take different paths but in the end we are all going to go where we were meant to be going. Being a catholic, I believe that god is always on my side and that everything I do is because god has planned it out already for me and I am just following what he has said. I also think that when I got in my accident last year and did not get hurt it was because god wanted to teach me a lesson. He thought I was driving too fast and so he let me get in an accident but not get hurt to teach me to stop driving fast and start obeying the posted speed limit signs.

          If I believed in free will, I would say that it was the DNA and the RNA makeup that physically created what I am.  That is what gave me the color of my eyes and my hair. I would say that it was because of Holyoke community College that my parents first laid eyes on each other.  I would also be able to say that it was my mom’s choice for me to be a girl. I might be able to say that it was my parent’s choice that I was born shortly after my great- grandmother had died and I was given her name. These are all preferences in life that people make but in fate its things that are already planned out for you.

          Although free will and fate are both very possible, I personally believe that fate is what got me here. I think that fate has a huge impact to my life because of my beliefs. I still agree that it is because of the choices we make such as free will that either helps us come to a better outcome or to the outcome god has planned for us. For example, I think that it was fate that my nephew was born because he has been the greatest part of my families’ lives. He is just the best things to have around and without him our lives would have changed dramatically. I think that the mistakes we make are the choices that god has already planned out for us and that every mistake we make, we truly learn from each and every one of them.

2. I don’t think lying is right but in some circumstances I think lying would be best. We all do lie, because we try to protect ourselves or someone else. In the long run though, we end up with bigger lies that can sometimes lead to more trouble. I think that these become hurtful and too many people are getting looked at in negative ways because they have lied.

          I think in some instanced I would rather not know the truth. I believe in the quote,” What you don’t know, won’t hurt you.” I think that it is better to not know some things because than you can get in trouble or get upset if it is something you don’t want to hear. For example, if I know that a person will get hurt by knowing something, I will try my best to avoid the question so that I don’t have to lie or hurt their feelings. Another example, is when someone told me something else to protect how I would feel, I got angrier because they didn’t tell me the truth. They thought they were protecting me by telling me something different.  I think that telling the truth even though knowing it could hurt me, I would rather want to know than be lied to.

          The truth really does feel better. I think I feel more relieved when I tell someone the truth instead of knowing something and having it eat at me until I can’t bare it anymore. I like being able to be honest to people and tell them how things really are. I don’t like carrying the extra weight on my shoulders because it is not worth it. I would rather have them find out from me instead of questioning other people and not being able to have it be explained the correct way. I want to know how they will really feel when they hear the truth and I would rather be there for them instead of someone else.

3. Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus complex was when he did clinical observations and theoretical elaboration to see if the theory was true. The theory is that the king Oedipus was destined by fate to kill his father and sleep with his mother and then when he realized what he did, he was ashamed and stabbed his eyes out. There are different stages for this process to work and it all starts with the oral phase which is when your mother is breast- feeding you. They get a sexual feel for their mother and when they grow up they start to become affectionate towards their mothers. The last stage of course is to finally kill your father and sleep with your mother. It is a really weird process and it is extremely insane but this is what happened in Oedipus rex and this is the Greek story of King Oedipus.

          I think that the Oedipus complex may be real in some instances but not all. For example, why do older men have the desire to sleep or pleasure younger boys and girls? In my opinion I think it is because they want to feel the connection they felt when they were with their mothers at the younger age and they miss that feeling so they try to seek it in younger people.
          I have a lot of more reasons to argue against the Oedipus complex because my father has a very good bond with my brother. I have never once seen my father or brother fight over my mom. Not ever have I seen my brother want my mom in any other way than just a parent. I think it is very hog washed because I don’t think every male necessarily wants to kill their father and sleep with their mother. Our world would be completely insane if that was true because there would be so much incest it would be disgusting.

4.  In the story Antigone, she gets the courage to break Creon’s law because she believed that her brother should be honored. She tends to think that you can not oppose the gods because they are a more powerful force. She believes that you are not allowed to be reckon with the gods forces. I think the real reason is because Antigone was doing what she thought was right and she was not going to let anyone tell her different.  It was a duty and a promise that she made that she would bury his body if he died in battle so that he could rest in peace and she was just fulfilling her promise.
          The criteria on which you break the law are when you obey a higher power or made a promised to a loved one or a family member. For example, when you are caught speeding or not wearing a seatbelt the officer has the right to give you a ticket in order that you learn from your mistake. On the other hand, when you bend the law that is when there are ways to get around the law and break them by finding exceptions that won’t directly affect the outcome. For example, by not having the radio on when driving so you are fully paying attention to the road and things around you.

          If you follow the rules the right way then you will not have to face consequences down the road. It will lead you on a right path if you just obey everything that you are told to obey. I really think that I have done a good job obeying the law because I am not a reckless driver nor do I drive to danger others around me. I think overall, there are some fair laws and some unfair laws but if everyone can obey them the proper way. Laws that are fair do not have much controversy over them and most people are content with their effects. Laws that are unfair cause a lot of problems, protests, and controversy because there is a big difference between those who agree and disagree with the law. Laws that are fair help all members of a community to make it a better community where as unfair laws worsen the community. Unfair laws disrupt the peace in the community because some people do not agree that these laws are fair. Some laws always have the chances to change. In a good example, I can talk bout how we abolished slavery and how we now have an African-American for a president. It shows how much progression we have made since the 1950’s and before.

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Siddhartha Comes to America

Maddy Brunelle
November 8, 2011
                                                Siddhartha Comes to America
                It was a long night at work and I just wanted to go home, but when the usual party of ten came and sat down to eat. I was not pleased, but I knew I had to serve them like always. A man whose name I could not recall with long hair and a robe approached me.
The man asked,” Why are you still here.”
I replied, “I am all done with classes and I am only here for two more visiting days.”
He said, “What have you been doing here?”
I replied, “I am studying abroad here in India trying to make ends meet by working in this restaurant.”
            The man introduced himself as Siddhartha and began telling me how much he wanted to go to America and see what it had to offer. I decided I wanted to take him to my hometown in order to show him where I grew up. After his party was done eating I asked him if he wanted to come to America with me and see the wonderful sights. I saw his reaction and I knew he wanted to go join me.
                Siddhartha, Siddhartha, where are you? When I looked up at the passenger side of the car, he was standing their ready to go to the airport with me. The plane ride was very long and knowing we were about to get jet leg I started coming up with ideas on how to get rid of it. My first thought was going to the gym but I was not sure if Siddhartha would want to go to a loud place right off of the bat. Therefore, I thought of my favorite quiet and peaceful place where I had gone growing up. This place was located in my town of South Hadley, it was called Skinner Mountain, at the top there was a summit house.
                When driving up to the road to start hiking up skinner, Siddhartha was surprised. He could not believe all of the fall foliage. The red, orange, green, and even yellow leaves amazed him. The air was warm on this fall day with the trees swaying in the background for noise. “Along these paths and other paths did he learn to travel? He lost himself a thousand times and for days on end he dwelt in non-being. But although the paths took him away from self; in the end they always led back to it” (15). When we reached the top of the mountain, the view took Siddhartha’s breath away. The sounds of nature and of birds chirping were relaxing for him. It was now his time to sit on the rock and look out at the world and meditate. “Siddhartha reflected deeply as he went on his way. He realized that he was no longer a youth; he was now a man” (37). It was because of this hike that his mind set got changed, he got to see the way things really were and how much different the world can be in other places.
                After hiking, it was dinner time, and we needed to get some food. Instead of going out to dinner, we went to my house and had my parents cook for us. After dinner, we were very tired so we all watched television and then finally got to sleep in my own bed. It was the best feeling I had ever felt.
                In the morning, I told Siddhartha that we needed to take it easy I had a big event planned for the night. When three in the afternoon came around, Siddhartha and I got dressed and ready to go out. We went to my family’s restaurant called Dockside. It is a family owned business for almost 50 years. My grandfather and his brother built this establishment with their own two hands. The restaurant is older and has hard wooden walls that surround the dining room and bar area. The tables are marble-like hard round tables surrounded by black plastic chairs. As Siddhartha and I walked through the doors of the restaurant, it was chaos. How many people could we jam into this place? Siddhartha was taken back by the smell and wanted to start drinking to enjoy the fun. There were people dancing and drinking, but most of all having the best time of their lives. Sometimes during the fall, my dad would hire bands to come in and play music in the dining room. Tonight was the best musician we had ever gotten. Scotty McCreery was in the front of the room singing on the microphone. He was my all-time favorite country singer. In a water tower town everybody waves, church doors are the only thing that's open on Sundays, word travels fast, and wheels turn slow.                      
            We sat at a table and started talking to each other about our lives and how much fun I was having here. Siddhartha on the other hand was remembering when Kamala told him,” that he was never servile to the merchant, but compelled him to treat him as an equal and even more than his equal “(66). The idea of having my family own a business brought back some strong feelings for Siddhartha because he thought of the time when he was in business with Kamaswami. He got really upset and started to cry, I couldn't believe how sensitive he is. My father came over and began to talk to him.
My father said, “Working at a restaurant impacts all of our lives because we are all involved in giving respect and politeness to all customers.”
Siddhartha began to open up, he replied, “Kamawsmwai never treated as anything less than him, because I was a valuable person.”
He was starting to understand the compromises you have to make while running a business. "I felt knowledge and the unity of the world to circulate in me like my own blood, but I also felt compelled to leave the Buddha and the great knowledge."(96) Siddhartha started to tell me about why he got so sensitive and emotional when we were talking. I started to tell him how things changed and that if it were not for my grandfather, than this restaurant would have never been built. My grandfather worked very hard and got a lot of help from friends to start this restaurant. I told Siddhartha this story and it made him realize that not all of our choices we make are right ones but in the end they will always work out. Siddhartha started to get tired and so I suggested that he may want to go to bed soon because in the morning, he had an early flight home to India.
                As he was boarding the plane in the morning, I started to think about the time we spent together. Overall, I tend to believe that Siddhartha loved being at the Summit house because it was more suitable to his life in India. It reassembles peace and quiet and a sense of the self there. There is no one else up there to judge you or your beliefs. I really enjoyed my time with him and if he ever comes back here again I have already thought of more places I would love to take him.

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college essay

First Impressions:

          On the last day of September, I drove with my family to Buzzards Bay to visit the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I learned of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy from my cousin, Marc, who is an alum from the class of 1979. Upon entering the admissions office, I realized that this is where I want to learn. It is very important to me to attend a college where I feel like I belong, and am able to commit myself to the curriculum. I believe that the academics at Massachusetts Maritime Academy are very challenging, stringent, and a crucial component to a well-rounded post-secondary education. The small classroom sizes will be beneficial and enable me to become focused in my studies. This will give me more of an opportunity to connect with my professors and peers. Also, the organization and regimen of the daily routine is conducive to learning.
            Throughout my visit, I noticed that the uniforms created a sense of equality and community among the cadets. When talking with cadet Lauren DeNapoli, she intrigued me about her major. Marine Transportation is interesting because I would be able to become a licensed deck officer. This would allow me the ability to transfer into various management and operation positions, which is incredibly unique. After learning so much about Marine Transportation, I am now deciding whether International Maritime Business or Marine Transportation will be the major of my choice. In addition, having the choice of six majors would help me to focus on the end goal.
          My family owns a marina which has always kept me involved with the water. Growing up in this environment has significantly impacted my life, and has allowed me to have a certain respect for the water. I am aware of how dangerous-and yet how amazing-it can be. The Massachusetts Maritime Academy is simply an extension of what I have been familiar with my whole life. Experiencing a job environment before I graduate college through a “sea term” is something that really excites me. I believe I will feel comfortable and be prepared in my field by the time I graduate.
          In addition to all of these reasons, seeing the Massachusetts Maritime Academy with my own eyes made it clear that this is where I want to study. Even at such a prestigious school, the Associate Director of Admissions, Mr. James Watkins, was welcoming and made me feel like I truly belonged on campus at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I know that at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, my leadership skills and personal determination will be able to grow and thrive. I know that having all of these resources at my fingertips will prepare me for a successful future.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Author's Note"
A.) This essay has rose to the top because I am very proud of myself for acheiving my goals and trying my hardest at something.
B.) I think this essay really shows how well my determination is and how much I push myself to do better.
C.) I really need to work on the organization and the wording in this essay because I do not think it is ready to be sent to any colleges.This is a true rough draft so far and it needs some work.
D.) After reading my essay, I would like to know if my determination and mind set was seen through this essay. For instance, did I use good descriptions to show my struggles and how I solved them?

          The first dip into that water was freezing cold. I was not sure I knew what I was doing because I had never tried it before. I have always watched my sister and my dad water-ski but for me, it seemed impossible. The first time I tried was when I was about ten years old. I got into the water, and I felt my feet get really tight and I hated it. Although it looked really cool I was not about to keep trying it.
          When I was sixteen, I decided that I wanted to learn how to ski. I told my dad and my family what my goal for the summer was going to be. The first thing they told me to do was to go grab a bathing suit. I did not know what I was in for. In moments later I was told to put each foot into a ski. I was told to hold on tight to the rope and keep my ski tips up. I was really nervous, but I knew I needed to do this in order to succeed. I did not get it my first time but I was so close. My arms got really tired but I kept trying and then finally I got up for about a second until I fell again. I told my family that I would try another day because I was so exhausted.
A week had finally arrived and I found myself back in the water. I was so happy because I knew could get the hang of it and get on top of the water to where I was supposed to be. I surprised myself because after I got up I was able to stay up for a few minutes.  I got really comfortable with the water and the skis that I was almost on them every other day. I had fallen in love with skiing and I was always happy to go out and ski with friends. I was really anxious to learn how to curve myself to get over each wake. I kept trying and getting helpful hints from my family, but it was not until I took a deep breath and relaxed that I finally got it.
When my sisters bought a brand new boat, I made a promise that I would learn to solemn which is being on one ski. I knew it was a challenge but I was ready to take it on.  When I got up on top of the water, I was so anxious to start my challenge that I kept trying too hard to let go of one ski and would lose my balance. I was told to keep my foot in until I felt it was going to slip out and just let my foot drag when it was outside of the ski. It was a lot harder than I thought. I have ever since been trying.
                This year I set a new goal for myself to achieve and that was too solemn and if not to cross over the wakes. I would have learned a lot faster if the weather was not so nice and I did not have to work so much, but the one time I tried I was able to cross over the wake. I was feeling a lot more comfortable than the year before and I was able to get from one side to the other without a difficulty. I attempted to try again at the solemn ski, but it did not go my way this summer, therefore I am looking forward to next summer and being able to achieve my goal.
"Author's Note"

 A.) This essay rose to the top because I need it in order to get into Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I am really happy with the way I worded things and showed my voice through this essay.
B.) I really express my feelings and voice through this essay.
C.) A weakness I think I had in this essay is the vocabulary words I have used.
D.) I would like to know that if after reading my essay, you think it is clear that I really want to go to this academy and am really interested. 

E.) I need help rewording the things I put in bold.

 Maddy Brunelle
October 20, 2011
                                                    First Impressions
           On the last day of September I drove with my family to Buzzards Bay to visit the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. As I opened the door to the admissions office, I realized this is where I wanted to be. It is important to me to attend a college where I feel I belong, and am able to commit myself to my studies. I know that academics at Massachusetts Maritime Academy are very challenging, stringent, and a crucial component to a well-rounded postsecondary education. The small classroom sizes will be beneficial, and help me to become more focused in my studies. This will give me the opportunity to connect with my professors and peers. Also, the organization and regimen of the daily routine is conducive to learning.
               I noticed in my visit that the uniforms create a sense of equality and community among the cadets. In addition, having the choice of six majors would help me to focus on the end goal. When talking with the cadet, Lauren DeNapoli, she got me very intrigued about her major. Marine Transportation is interesting because I would be able to become a licensed ship’s deck officer. This would give me the ability to transfer into various management and operation positions, which is incredibly unique. After learning so much about Marine Transportation, I am now deciding whether International Maritime Business or Marine Transportation is the major for me.
                    My family owns a marina which has always kept me involved with the water. Growing up in this environment has really impacted my life and made me have a certain respect for the water. I am aware of how dangerous but how amazing it can be. I found out about the Massachusetts Maritime Academy from my cousin Marc, who is an alum from the class of 1979. The Massachusetts Maritime Academy is simply an extension of what I have been familiar with my whole life. Experiencing a job environment before I graduate college through a “sea term” is something that really excites me. I know I will feel comfortable and be more prepared in my field by the time I graduate.
             In addition to all of these reasons, seeing the Massachusetts Maritime Academy with my own eyes made it clear that this is where I want to be. Even at such a prestigious school, the Associate Director of Admissions, James Watkins, welcomed me and made me feel like I truly belonged. I know that at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, my leadership skills and personal determination will be able to grow and thrive. I know that having all of these resources at my fingertips will prepare me for a successful future.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The things they carried

The Things They Carried Assignments
Assignment #1:  
1.  If i had to take things of necessity with me to war, I think the first intangible item that I would carry would be my colorful stuffed animal that I sleep with every night. I would take this because it makes me feel safe and reminds me that people I love gave it to me.  I feel sort of a connection to my family and my home land if I had it with me when I was nowhere near any of them. I also think that by bringing my stuffed animal I would not feel so alone and I would be able to hold it as tight as I wanted if I was scared or if i was worried that I was going to die.
 My favorite blanket would come with me as well because I am in love with my blanket. I feel very comfortable and safe when I am wrapped in my blanket. The importance of this is definitely because it is my safety blanket. For example, if I ever have a scary dream or am scared, I hide under it until I feel safe. I think that I would be able to be relaxed if I took it with me to war because than I could hide my fears at night before the sun came out the next day.
I think the last thing that is tangible that I would bring would be a picture of my friends and family so that every time I got sad or needed to see them, I could look at them.  I think that I would be able to feel safer if I knew that my family was proud of me for fighting for our country’s freedom. If I did not have a picture of them to remind me of how proud I was making them I don’t think my work would be just as successful as it should be.  Its importance to me is that it makes me feel that I am doing a good job and doing what is right.
2.  When I go to war I would have many things on my mind but the main thing that would always be on my mind is three things. The first thing that is very intangible and unforgettable is my dog Lacey, she is my best friend and she is such a good girl. I don’t think I could ever go a day without thinking about something funny she did or does. Lacey always knows how to put a smile on my face. The second thing I would never forget about is my family because they are the best. They are not a perfect family by any means but they are just what I need. They understand me and always make fun memories with me. I can remember the first time we ever went to Florida; it will be something I will always cherish because it was so much fun. The last thing I would never be able to forget is my friends which are so close to me I consider them my sisters. They are the most down to earth and honest people you will ever meet. They always know how to put a smile on my face and make me have the best times when we are all together.
                Intangible to me means that if I had to go somewhere without anyone I truly knew, I would have to take a lot of memories and funny moments with me to get by. I think that everyone has several good moments and memories and that if they are in the dumps, they will always try to think of something that made them happy or better. I think that most people will always cherish moments with their friends and or family because those are the people we are always around and who are always the nicest to us. I think that intangible things help me to get through the tough times by myself with the thoughts and memories of my friends.

Assignment #2 Love (27-30)
                After reading this chapter, I had pictured in my head what this entire scene looked like. I could see Tim and Martha at the college reunion in 1979 in an old gym floor having a conversation. I could see in Tim’s eyes that he loved her but I couldn’t really tell in Martha’s eyes if she was in love or if she was annoyed. I could see that Martha had felt that she had done a lot for other people. I could also see that Tim and she had a lot of things in common.  I had a strong hope for Tim to just lean in and kiss her but he did not do that. Instead, he told her that he had loved her and she didn’t say anything at all. That is when I could feel my heart drop and I felt so bad for Tim.
                I couldn’t believe that Martha did not say she loved Tim back. After all these years and the pebble and the letters, it just didn’t make sense. I want to know why she doesn’t feel the same and did not say I love you back to Tim. I hope that Tim writes this story and that Martha realizes how much Tim truly loves her and how much time he wants to cherish and devote to her. I think this could be a love story if Martha just gave in and told Tim that she loves him as well.
Spin (31-38)
                I did not know that Mitchell Sanders had body lice and that he was such a rebel. I did not think he would be this brave to send body lice to his draft board in Ohio, with a label saying it was free. I think this has a little background to it as well because I think it is showing that he is not happy about all the disease and suffering that these men are going through every day because of the war and I think he wanted to make sure that these people knew just how felt. I think it is a kind of comic relief that was well developed in this chapter.
                I wish this chapter told me more about why Ted Lavender was so heavy on the tranquilizers. I want to know why he likes to do this to himself and why he is so obsessed with drugs. I think that the war may stress you out and all but I do not believe that you should solve your stress by taking several different drugs. I think that if anything it will make your situation worse and it will be harder to become normal if you keep doing this. I think this is part of the reason he died and well because he was not as aware as he should have been of how harmful these drugs were to his body and mind.